A growing body of ground breaking research shows our aging client's brain can reverse trajectory even in the last decades of life despite the long held belief that the brain doesn't change. You can guide your client through joint movements, vision and balance drills, and nerve flossing to see immediate improvements in the balance, strength, and flexibility - all of which begin in the brain. 

This course teaches the basics of neuroplasticity and the functional spectrum on which every client operates. You will receive step by step instruction on joint mobility, banded joint mobility, vision system training, vestibular system training, nerve flossing and a strategic way to find the best of these movements for your clients. This course guides you to implement what may be a new way of training your clients and gives you tools to maximize your session together. You will be able provide simple at home work as well. This course will help you deliver incredible value for your client and ultimately improve their quality of life and health.
This Course Will Be Approved for 2 Hours of CEC's Through FAI